Our health is depending on what we eat can move towards good or bad. If you do not want to suffer from malnutrition and various diseases then maintaining a good diet is necessary. The benefits of having good nutrition help you not only to maintain your weight but also in various factors such as lower the possibility to diseases like heart diseases, cancer, stroke etc.

It also helps you to lower your high blood pressure, high cholesterol. Having good nutrition also effect well being and increase your ability to fight the illness and your energy level.

A having a good nutrition is when your body get all the necessary vitamins, nutrients and minerals to function properly. So you need to be careful when you decide your diet plan so that it is full of healthy staff with low calories. Here are some tips for your diet to become healthy.

Fruits: Fruits have natural fibres so if to get its benefits you need to eat lot of whole fruit rather than drink it as juice.

 Vegetables: By eating lot of different coloured and variety of vegetable you can maintain your good health as vegetables have lot of mineral and vitamins in them.

Whole grain: Most of us know that cereals, breads, crackers, and pastas are mainly made of whole grains and eating then in a controlled manner will help you to remain healthy.

Milk with low or no fat: Milk contains vitamin D and calcium which helps our bone to stay strong and when the amount of fat is low it will not affect the health of your heart.  

Lean meat: Meats are a good source of protein which helps in development and since lean meat have a little amount of fat and calorie so it is very good for our health.

Other sources: Fish, meats and bean are source of protein which helps in our health. But if you are suffering from malnutrition then various nutrition foods sell by nutrition staffing company to regain your health.

If you are having hard time in eating because of your lose in interest of the food you are having then some changes might help you to regain it. If the food you are eating does not taste good then you can try to change its recipe or other staff in your food and if you lose it because of any disease then consult your doctor about it.

If the cause of losing interest is you need to eat alone then try to dining with your family and friends. 


Weight loss programs are fun. Now you might think that why have I mentioned something like that! Well, it is indeed a fun thing to follow a weight loss program! First, you get to be in shape, and second, you get to eat and drink so many different things – and those are healthy, tasty and beneficial for your weight loss program.

However, as a trained weight loss dietitian, I personally feel that your drinks have as much effects on your body as your foods have. And therefore, you must make sure that you are drinking the right kind of smoothies and drink if you are willing to lose your weight. There are a plenty of smoothie recipes that you may not have tried out yet, and therefore, here are a few smoothies that you should definitely try while you are trying to lose your weight –

Lemon and Orange Citrus Shake – This shake is amazing for you when it comes to breakfast option. This shake will provide you 18 grams of protein, 3 grams fibers, 57 gram carbohydrates, 54 gram sugar, 14 gram fat and 420 calories. Here is the recipe –

·         80 calories lemon yoghurt

·         1 orange peeled and sliced properly

·         1 cup soy milk

·         1 table spoon flaxseed oil

·         Handful of ice or ice cubes

·         Put yoghurt, milk, orange slices and ice in a blender. Blend for 1 minute. Serve it on a glass and stir the flaxseed oil.

 Apple Shake – Apples are always one of the best fruits as they say an apple a day keeps a doctor away. Here is one good apple shake that gives you 19 gram protein, 482 calories, 57 gram sugar, 71 gram carbohydrates, 16.5 gram fat and 300 mg sodium. The recipe is –

·         1 tea spoon apple pie spice

·         1 cup chopped apple

·         ½ cup soy milk

·         2 table spoon cashew butter

·         6 oz vanilla yoghurt

·         Ice

·         Put all the ingredients in the blender. Blend for 1 minute. Serve it on a glass. Garnish it with some cashews.

 Mango Shake Surprise – This amazing mango shake contains of 298 calories, 5 gram protein, 55 gram carbohydrates, 5 gram fiber, 9 gram fat, 54 sodium and 47 gram sugar. I am a mango lover and if you’re one of them, you’re going to love this recipe. Here is the recipe for you—

·         ¼ cup mango cubes

·         ¼ avocadoes (mashed)

·         ½ cup mango juice

·         ¼ cup fat free vanilla yoghurt

·         1 table spoon lime juice

·         1 table spoon sugar

·         Ice cubes

·         Put all the ingredients in a blender and blend until all the items are mixed properly. Pour it in a glass and serve. For garnishing use extra mango slices or strawberries.



There is nothing in the world that can bring more happiness to your life than being a mother. Looking at your baby surely makes you feel extremely joyous and proud but what can be the problem here is the post pregnancy weight.

A lot of young and new mother face the trouble of being overweight after pregnancy and this really it hard for them to cope. Losing pregnancy weight can be tough but it isn’t impossible. And as a registered dietitian in Florida, I advice every mother to follow the below mentioned rules in order to lose weight fast –

Exercise – Stop being lazy and start exercising. During pregnancy women tend to become very lazy and that adds to a lot of weight to the body. But, after you have delivered the baby, it is better if you start moving and get rid of that extra flab. Exercise at least 30 minutes a day. Do cardio at least 3-5 times a week.

Breastfeed – Breastfeeding is very, very important. I see a lot of women who don’t breastfeed and there are plenty of rumors surrounding breastfeeding. But leave all those behind and start breastfeeding. This can burn up to 600-800 calories in a day. That can be a great aid to your weight loss program.

Start lifting weight – When you are exercising, with time start lifting weight. This will add to your strength and stamina and will also help you lose weight.

Keep an eye on your diet – Keeping an eye on your diet plan is as important as exercise. Add a lot of protein, vitamins, and other nutrients to your diet plan as you will be breastfeeding your baby. It is important for you to avoid too much oily food, a lot of calories and carbohydrates. Avoid caffeine. Your baby will be breastfeeding and caffeine can harm the baby.

Eat healthy snacks – You are for sure going to be pretty hungry and that is obvious. So while you are into snacking, make sure that you only eat healthy snacks. Avoid chips or cookies; rather, add bananas, oranges, nuts, whole-wheat crackers, or apples and other high-fiber snacks like raisins.

Sleep – Sleep is very, very essential for you and the baby. Sleep actually aids to boost your metabolism and helps on your weight loss program contrary to popular beliefs. Take naps during the day and sleep properly at night.


Juices and smoothies are best ways to keep you healthy and fit. I always recommend my clients to drink at least one glass of juice on a daily basis. There are plenty of reasons why you should be consuming juices on a daily basis.

However, as a registered dietitian in California, it is my duty to keep you reminded that not every sort of juices is right for you. Artificial and sweetened juices are not good for your health; you need to drink homemade juice that provides you the right kind of nutrients, keep you hydrated and helps you in weight loss. Here are a few reasons why you should be drinking juices on a daily basis –
1.It gives you immense energy.
2.Improves your mental health and provides clarity.
3.Your cardiovascular health and your heart issues seem to be fine while you drink juices.
4.Provides you better digestion.
5.Works as an anti-aging formula.
6.Improves your bone and joint function.
7.You’ll get beautiful and glowing hair and skin.
8.Your immune system will become stronger.
9.It will improve your mood.
10.And above all, juices help you to lose weight naturally and provide you the natural body weight.
So what kind of juices is easy to make and you should be consuming?

Here are a couple of types of juices and their recipes that you can easily and make

The bitter fruity goodness
This bitter, fruity yet tasty juice is the best when it comes to weight loss program. It will also lower the insulin level and control your body fats; which means you’ll shred some extra pounds faster. Here is what you need—
2 perfectly peeled pink grapefruit
1 peeled lime
1 cup cranberry
1 medium cucumber
A small chunk of ginger
Combine all the ingredients into the blender. Blend them until smooth. Your drink is ready.

Apple Juice with a twist
This tasty juice will not only help you with amazing results in your weight loss journey, but also fulfill the need of sugar in your body. Here is what you will need—
2 and half medium apples
2 leaves collard green
½ of medium cucumber
½ peeled lemon
2 stalks celery
½ peeled lime

Combine them all in a blender with water. Blend them until smooth. Serve it a large glass.