A good nutrition is essential for one to maintain a healthy life. If you have malnutrition then it will increase the chance of heart disease, diabetes, cancer and stroke in your body. So it is absolutely necessary to focus on our diet to maintain our health.

In some cases when one is unable to take care of their self or don’t know what to have for good nutrition they hire dietitian to maintain their health. It is a good way to remain healthy rather than eating unhealthy food. And a registered dietitian is a good option then other kind of nutritionist and to find then just type registered dietitian Los Angeles if you life in Los Angeles city.

Here is some benefit of good nutrition: 

Improved our well being:  If you want to be active in your mental and physical health then good nutrition is necessary as a poor diet lead to malnutrition. According to medical health foundation two-third those people who eats fresh fruits and vegetable in a daily basis faces no mental problem compared to those who less healthy and unhealthy foods.

Our feeling of well being can be maintained by having right amount of essential fat, complex carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals every day.

 Being unhealthy is costly: When you are unhealthy you have to spend your hard earn money which is saved for a certain purpose to treat your illness. According to U.S department of Agriculture only in America every year $71 billion money is spend as medical cost and the number is underestimated as only account for diet related disease. So just by staying healthy not only it will save your money but lives too.

 Manage your weight: If you eat a nutritious diet daily which includes fruits, vegetables, whole grains, dairy and protein in an essential amount then not only you will remain healthy but it will also maintain your weight. You don’t have to forsake your favourite food and remain hungry to maintain your weight. Just by adding some fresh food and vegetable in your meal and doing a daily exercise is enough to maintain your weight, blood pressure and cholesterol.

 Help you to maintain your immune system: Our immune system protects us from various diseases and illness but by having poor nutrition it can weaken a lot and become unable to give full protection. In order to maintain our immune system it is necessary to eat proper vitamins and minerals daily. So if we eat a nutritious diet which includes fruits, vegetables and other foods which are very low in fat we will be able to maintain a healthy immune system.